How to Get Rid of Tartar Naturally at Home

Tartar is an organo-mineral deposit, yellow-brown, met both on permanent teeth and on primary ones. In the process of accumulation of tartar participate several factors such as changing the quantity and quality of saliva and the content of minerals that come from eating certain foods (peas, spinach, beans).

  1. Clean your teeth using beer yeast

European Nutritionists have found that using beer yeast as toothpaste, tartar can be removed without the use of a dentist.

It is sufficient to apply to the toothbrush a little yeast instead of traditional pasta recommended by dentists and thoroughly wash your teeth and gums without rubbing hard, which can irritate.

After washing, you must rinse your mouth with warm water. The treatment should be applied daily, morning, after breakfast or evening, after dinner, neutralizes acids in the mouth and melts bacterial deposits.

  1. Eat apples or other hard fruits

Apples are especially good for teeth problems – even for removing tartar. Eat a fresh apple after each meal, especially if you can not brush your teeth. You can eat any other hard fruits that may have the same effect.

  1. Rinse your mouth with black tea to get rid of tartar

Black tea contains a little bit of fluoride, which protects your teeth in that it stops the growth of bacteria that cause cavities and tartar. Rinse your mouth with black tea regularly to prevent the formation of tartar. A negative aspect is that black tea can stain teeth if used too often.

  1. Use salt and baking soda

Both ingredients are good for both removing tartar and whitening teeth. You can mix the two ingredients in equal parts or use only one with the same effect. Simply moisten your toothbrush and take some of the composition with it, then you can brush your teeth. Do not do this more often than once a week or once every two weeks because you can damage tooth enamel.

How to Get Rid of Tartar Naturally at Home

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