How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair: 4 Simple Steps

Regardless of the method used for hair removal, almost any woman had, at one time, a problem with ingrown hairs.
Ingrown hairs consists of coiled hairs that grow beneath the epidermis after depilation or shaving. They can be recognized as small black spots under the skin or by the redness of the area, if they get infected.

Because of this ‘troublesome’ hairs, the legs are not perfectly smooth after depilation or shaving.

The hairs appear under the skin especially after shaving. That’s because the razor cuts the hair in an oblique direction, practically creating a sharp tip. This peak attaches to the skin and the hair is forced to twist under the skin during its growth.

To get rid of this problem, the solution must be implemented in several steps.

  1. First, avoid shaving for a long period of time (2-3 weeks) to allow the hairs to grow. Some of them will generate some small bumps on the skin, making them easier to detect and remove.
  2. Use a gel with exfoliating effect at the daily shower, one very slightly abrasive. You can also use coffee grounds to scrub problem areas. Thus remove dead skin and causes the hairs to get out. Take care not to irritate your skin by rubbing too strongly.
  3. Those hairs that are visible can be removed with the fingers or with tweezers and needle. If the black dot is visible through the skin, then you can remove the hair by squeezing it as a pimple. If the hair has grown and is visible under the skin, you can sterilize a needle with alcohol and try to remove the ingrown hair. However, this last method should be used carefully because of the risk for infection!
  4. To prevent the emergence of other ingrown hairs, it is advisable to prepare your skin for shaving. Whether you choose to use wax, depilatory cream or the razor, it is recommended to begin after a hot bath, because it opens your pores and allow easier removal of the hairs.

If you still continue to have ingrown hairs and after this process, then you should change your hair removal technique.

How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair: 4 Simple Steps

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