How to Contour and Highlight Your Face

Sculpting facial features is no longer an exclusive technique for pictorials in magazines or for celebrities. Make-up artists have finally decided to share their secrets with us, so that we can achieve a flawless look.

Contouring technique using a bronzer, a illuminator and a blush can do wonders for your appearance, because, besides the fact that highlights your features, it can also help to correct small defects of the image.

Here’s what you need: a bronzer, eye shadow illuminator, a blush, a contour brush, a fan brush, a flat brush and a blush brush.

  1. Sculpting your cheekbones

Since the bronzer should highlight your skin, it is best to opt for a product that contains pigments as close to your skin color. If your skin has warm tones, choose a powder in shades of peach. Instead, if you have dark skin, try a brown powder in earthy colors.

After you apply foundation, apply the bronzer with a contour brush, starting with the area above the eyebrows, following the hairline and finishing with the area below the cheekbones, through movements that mimic the letter “C”. Repeat several times this move until you manage to give your skin a coppery look.

  1. Define your jaw

The next area to be contoured is the jawline. Use the same brush and bronzer. With this technique, you can round off a very pronounced jaw, and your face will be better defined.

  1. Illuminating the features

The illuminator does wonders for your complexion, helping it to look fresher and brighter, because of the particles that capture light. With a fan brush type, apply a little blush on the top of your cheek, under the archway, on the top of the nose, aboe the upper lip and on your forehead, in the area between the eyebrows. Thus, your skin will feel more refreshed and will gain more shine.

  1. Applying blush

Opt for a blush in a shade of pink or peach because they suit every skin type. Apply the product with a dense blush brush. This way the color will be more intense.

A correct contouring highlights the bone structure of the face, defining features and providing a natural finish to the makeup, suitable for any time of day. Therefore, try to introduce this technique into your daily beauty routine to enjoy a truly flawless look.

How to Contour and Highlight Your Face

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