Exercises and Massage Techniques to Get Rid of Double Chin

The so-called double chin look is quite an unpleasant phenomenon, caused by various factors. Indeed, most often, it is given by the accumulated fat deposits under the chin. But, surprisingly, sometimes predisposition to double chin is inherited or acquired as a result of the habit of looking at your feet, sleeping on high pillow,s or reading in bed.

What exactly is double chin?

Double chin is generally a skin fold filled with fat. This occurs more frequently in people with extra pounds, but not only. It also appears in individuals with a small chin, situated further back than it should. Or is inherited.

Exercises for double chin correction:

  1. Tilt your head forward, then back to the starting position.
  2. Tilt your head forward and rotate it to the right shoulder, then let him back toward the left shoulder and back to the starting position. Then change direction.
  3. Sitting in a comfortable position, tilt your head back. Keep your mouth shut properly, count to ten, relax. Return it to its original position.
  4. Tilt your head back and try to touch your ose with your lower lip, pulling the lower jaw forward and upward.
  5. Put your hand on your forehead and gently press teh head (as if you’re pushing it back). Also try to tense the muscles of the neck so as to resist for 10 seconds. Repeat this exercise with hands behind your head.

The exercises above must be repeated 5-7 times each day.

Massage tehniques for double chin correction

To achieve maximum effectiveness of exercises is good for them to be combined with massage. In this massaging you can use any device or other means available.

You can easily massage with a wet towel. The towel is moistened in cold water, bring it under the chin and pull strongly with both hands. Middle of the towel must strike a little the chin. Repeat 10-15 times. Another tehnique is to rub your chin with a damp towel to the right – left.

How to keep your face shape?

– To maintain and strengthen the muscles of the neck and chin is very important to maintain proper posture. Try to keep your back straight and head up – don’t keep your head too bent.

– Eat more fruits and vegetables. Often the appearance of double chins is due to caloric and unhealthy food.

– Take breaks when spending hours on the computer: stand up, take a few steps, where possible, make some moves.

The result will be visible over three weeks. Do not be afraid of such a term – is the minimum time needed to tone muscles.

Exercises and Massage Techniques to Get Rid of Double Chin

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