5 Makeup Tricks That Make Your Life Easier

Don’t make the morning makeup anything harder than it is! Makeup is not a chore; it’s funny, nice and easy. Experts have learned some tricks of makeup, that’s why they’re doing it so well.  With experience, they observed what works and retained those principles.

With a few tricks and some quality cosmetics, you can look like stars on the red carpet.

  1. Apply an orange concealer

If you don’t want to look as if you’ve just got out of bed, use a concealer around the eyes. This is the most important cosmetic product if you have trouble sleeping or if you have dark circles. Why? Because makes you look as if you’ve slept 10 hours more than in reality.
Because dark circles have usually a slight shade of blue, concealer should be a warm tone, and orange is the perfect choice. Do not worry that you would be too colorful, the blue of your skin will alleviate the orange hue.

Look in the mirror and lean your chin. This way, you can see the area with the most pronounced shade of blue. There is where you have to put the concealer and blend it from that point, to the lash line. 

  1. Brush your lips

When you have some free time, take a toothbrush and brush your lips with it. First, you will see that is very pleasant. Secondly, it exfoliates dead skin cells. This way, the lipstick will look more evident. Thirdly – but very important – if you brush your lips constantly,  the moisturizer will penetrate better into the skin, and it will make any color applied on the lips look better.

How to do this? Brush your lips in a circular motion for two minutes. Then apply lip balm. If you want to go out afterwards, a bit of lip gloss gives the shine that you need.

  1. Mix the products

When you are bored and don’t know what to do, experiment! Mix products, colors, textures. For example, apply a few points of the lipstick you like more, on the palm – say shades of pink and red – mix them, applying a drop of moisturizer. You’ll get a perfect form of cream blush. Doesn’t it look fabulous on your cheekbones?

  1. Alcohol – so you won’t get watery eyes

Sometimes when you’re using mascara or eyeliner pencil something strange happens with your eyes. If you have sensitive eyes, they may redden when applying makeup. That makes impossible applying cosmetics. Here’s a trick of makeup from specialists: if you have watery eyes, apply a little alcohol on a cotton pad and smell it. You’ll stop your tears and you’ll be able to finish your makeup without ruining all the mascara.

  1. Use mascara instead of eyeliner

If you happen to forget the eyeliner home when you go on vacation, do not despair! Buy a thin brush and use the content of the mascara tube to draw the lines of the cat eye makeup.

5 Makeup Tricks That Make Your Life Easier

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