4 Lip-Enhancing Makeup Tips You Must Know

How many of us dream of fuller, sexier lips? But if nature has not equipped us with a perfect mouth, you don’t have to resort to a plastic surgeon to inject harmful substances.
We can solve the problem using tricks that are at our fingertips.

What is important is to learn which they are, and apply them always.

  1. Matching colors

If you have thin lips, it is very important to carefully choose your lipstick color. Renounce dark colors that do nothing but thinning and oldening your lips. You can create the impression of greater lips if you choose light colors of lipstick, such as shades of pink, peach or beige.

  1. Correct makeup

The way you makeup your lips is very important. If you follow a few tricks, volume can be won without much effort. Once you apply foundation, covering also the lips, dab the area around the mouth. If they remain shadows, your lips will look thinner. After dabbing, you need a concealer pencil lighter than your skin. Plot outline lips with the pencil (just over your natural contours). But beware that this must be a natural contour. Next apply a darker pencil, a lipstick color close to that of the entire lip (just so you will not end with those unsightly stripes when the lipstick will fade). If you play with two pencils, you’ll create a contrast effect between concealer and dark pencil. Finally, apply lipstick.

  1. Use light to give volume

Another good trick is you apply illuminator, before lipstick, in the middle of the upper lip(the cupid’s bow). If you emphasize that point using illuminator, you will create volume for the upper lip. One final step after applying lipstick, is applying gloss. Apply a pale gloss IN the center of the lower lip, to enlarge it.

  1. Special cosmetics

Another method is to use lip enhancing cosmetics containing various spicy substances, like pepper or chilli. The effect of these lipsticks can take several hours and are not harmful to the body. The only drawback is that they sting when you apply them.

Instead of using an expensive product, use cayenne pepper or cinnamon oil. Apply a pinch on your lips to improve blood circulation and the effect will be quickly visible

4 Lip-Enhancing Makeup Tips You Must Know

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